Alnico Rods

Cast Alnico Rods – Choose from a Variety of Sizes

Explore our extensive range of Alnico casting rods, available in various standard diameters to suit a multitude of applications. Tailoring to specific needs, these rods can be customized with general tolerances of +0.0/-0.2 in diameter and +/- 0.2 in length.

When selecting the appropriate length (L) for your Alnico rod, relative to its diameter (D), it’s important to consider the inherent magnetic properties of Alnico. For the best performance in open circuit applications, a magnetic length approximately 5 times the diameter is recommended. However, it’s crucial to note that if the length is less than 3 times the diameter, magnet stability may be adversely affected.

Beyond our range of standard size cut pieces, we also offer a variety of pre-cut Alnico rods. Should our standard part numbers not align with your specific requirements, we encourage you to reach out to us via email with your enquiry. Our commitment at Magworks LLC is to provide customized solutions that precisely meet your unique needs.


Our Cast Alnico rods primarily utilize Alnico 5 as the standard material, known as Alcomax III in the UK and Alnico 500/600 in Germany. In addition to this, we are equipped to provide other grades and sizes based on special requests to accommodate diverse application needs.

For a broader exploration of our magnet materials and products, or if you have any specific queries, please visit our website. You can also reach us directly at for personalized assistance and information.

Alnico Rods

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