Magnetic Assemblies for the Energy Industry: A Robust Solution

The energy industry, which operates both above and below ground, presents unique challenges when it comes to designing permanent magnets. In demanding environments like down-hole or marine settings, where temperature and corrosion are prevalent, the choice of magnetic materials becomes pivotal. Our team of engineers highly recommends the use of Samarium Cobalt or, in specific cases, high-temperature Neodymium to address these challenges effectively. To offer added protection in harsh conditions, magnets can be encased in specialist coatings, Titanium, or Stainless Steel housing.

On the surface, durability stands as a vital characteristic, and Magworks LLC has a rich history of manufacturing mud cleaning devices in close collaboration with specialized customers. Our product lineup includes ditch magnets and tube separators, tailored to the specific requirements of this industry. Additionally, pipeline inspection tools demand an array of magnets, not only for collecting ferrous contamination during the use of Pipeline Inspection Gauges (PIGs) but also for sensing, tracking, and conducting magnetic flux leakage testing. These non-destructive testing techniques are essential for ensuring pipeline integrity. Our range of magnetic wheels streamlines the inspection of devices and structures using crawlers that adhere to metal surfaces, facilitating thorough inspections of ship hulls, oil and gas pipelines, and more.

Moreover, magnets play a pivotal role in generators and motors within the green energy sector, including applications in wind turbines, electric vehicles, and plasma control systems.

Whether you require a high-temperature down-hole magnet or a robust magnetic solution for a generating system, Magworks LLC is your trusted provider of magnetic engineered solutions.

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