Ferrite Discs

Sintered Ceramic Ferrite Magnets – Discs for Various Applications

Explore our diverse selection of sintered ceramic ferrite magnets, available in disc form, offering both anisotropic FER 3 and isotropic FER 1 options to cater to different requirements and applications.

Anisotropic FER 3 Discs: These discs are exceptionally versatile, suitable for a multitude of applications, especially in holding and triggering mechanisms. They are known for their strong magnetic properties and are crafted to fulfill a broad spectrum of general-purpose needs.

Isotropic FER 1 Discs: Commonly recognized as craft or fridge magnets, our isotropic FER 1 discs are a budget-friendly choice. These magnets are generally magnetized on only one face, making them ideal for a variety of low-cost, everyday applications. Whether you’re looking for practicality or creativity, our isotropic FER 1 discs offer the perfect solution.


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Ferrite Discs

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