Ferrite Rings

Anisotropic Ferrite Magnet Rings – High-Quality Sintered Ceramic Magnets

Our anisotropic ferrite magnet rings, particularly the FER 2 (Ceramic 5) type, are a core product line designed mainly for the loudspeaker industry. These magnets, however, have also been adapted for a variety of other uses, including torque drives and resonance imaging, demonstrating their versatility and adaptability. We offer a wide range of sizes in this category to meet the diverse requirements of different applications.

Additionally, we feature Countersunk ID Anisotropic FER 3 (Ceramic 8) Discs in our collection. These discs are uniquely designed with a countersunk hole, making them ideal for easy screw fixing. Their versatility allows them to be effectively used in clamping applications or as sensor triggers, offering both functionality and convenience in various settings.

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Ferrite Rings

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