Flexible Sheets

Flexible Rubber Ferrite Sheets – Versatile Magnetic Solutions

Delve into our collection of flexible rubber ferrite sheets, crafted to cater to a variety of specific needs. These sheets are designed to offer both flexibility and convenience for numerous applications.

Our flexible rubber magnetic sheets are available by the meter on rolls. They are designed with multipole magnetization on one face and come in different finishes: plain, adhesive, or vinyl-backed. This variety ensures ease of installation and customization to fit your unique requirements.

For applications requiring a more robust holding force, we provide steel-backed flexible sheets. These sheets, with a thickness of 2mm, are vulcanized onto a 0.5mm steel backplate, offering a holding force of 130g/cm2. This makes them significantly stronger than standard magnetic sheets.

Explore the functionality and adaptability of our flexible rubber ferrite sheets, a perfect solution for your diverse magnetic needs.

Flexible Ferrite Sheets

Our flexible rubber ferrite sheets are supplied with multipole magnetization on one face, enhancing their versatility for various applications. These sheets are available either in rolls for larger projects or can be provided in cut lengths to meet specific size requirements.

Additionally, we offer options with colored vinyl backing. This feature adds an aesthetic appeal and can be particularly useful for specific uses where color coding or visual identification is important. If you’re interested in this option or have specific requirements, please don’t hesitate to ask. We’re here to cater to your magnetic needs with a range of customizable solutions.

Steel Backed Flexible Sheet

All our self-adhesive tape options are supplied with multipole magnetization, enhancing their versatility for a variety of uses.

For a broader look at our Magnet Materials and Products, or if you have any specific queries, feel free to email us at sales@magworks.us. We’re here to assist with all your magnetic needs.

Flexible Sheets

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