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At Magworks LLC, we specialize in providing magnetic solutions tailored for a wide range of applications within the medical and diagnostics industry. With an unwavering commitment to reliability and quality, our products are meticulously designed to meet the stringent demands of this critical field. Our extensive offerings encompass voice coil motors designed for life support systems, magnets utilized in sensors, valves, implant bearings, and magnetic particle separation devices crucial for cutting-edge research and diagnostic applications.

Bio-magnetic separation, which leverages magnetic beads or nanoparticles, has emerged as a pivotal component of the biotechnology industry. At Magworks LLC, we collaborate closely with renowned Life Science companies and esteemed research institutions worldwide, delivering cutting-edge magnetic separation devices that cater to a diverse spectrum of purposes. Our product range includes separators tailored for large vessel bead production, manual testing, high-throughput instrumentation, and intricate research applications. Additionally, we take pride in offering a comprehensive OEM service to address your specific requirements.

Whether you’re embarking on the development of a groundbreaking new product, seeking enhancements for an existing one, or simply in need of a magnet or magnetic system for your medical application, our team of experts stands prepared to assist you. Reach out to us today with your unique requirements, and allow us to provide the precise magnetic solutions you require to advance your objectives.

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