NdFeB Pots

Sintered Anisotropic Neodymium Iron Boron – Pots

Magworks LLC proudly offers a range of Rare Earth NdFeB pots and assemblies, known for their exceptional performance. These pots deliver up to eleven times the efficiency of comparable Ferrite systems, all within a remarkably compact form. They are ideally suited for specialized engineering projects where high performance and space constraints are key considerations. The maximum operating temperature for these NdFeB pots is +80°C, catering to a variety of applications.

Understanding diverse mounting needs, Magworks LLC presents three distinct styles of NdFeB pots:

  1. Style A pots: These feature a countersunk hole on the active face, designed for straightforward fixation using a countersunk screw. This style is perfect for applications requiring a flush surface mount.

  2. Style B pots: Equipped with a through hole mounting on the active face, these pots allow for easy positioning and secure attachment with a cap screw. They are ideal for applications where adjustable mounting is necessary.

  3. Style C pots: These are deep pots with an internal thread on the non-active face, offering a unique mounting option for specific design requirements.

The selection highlighted here represents just a fraction of our standard parts. We also offer NdFeB Pots in various sizes and with different maximum operating temperatures to meet broader application needs.

Style A

Style B

Deep Pot – Style C

Neodymium Blocks

Neodymium Blocks

Please consider these key points for optimal use of our products:

  1. Holding Forces: The specified holding forces apply to direct contact with a thick, clean mild steel surface. Remember, these forces decrease on heavily painted or corroded surfaces.

  2. Screw Tightening: Be careful not to over-tighten screws, as this can lead to cracking or damage. Always use the right amount of force.

  3. Screw Selection: Choose your screws wisely. Using steel screws can change the magnetic flux, reducing the magnet’s strength. We suggest using 304 stainless steel screws for the best performance.

  4. Working Environment: The environment where the magnets are used matters. Consider factors like temperature and humidity, as they can affect both the performance and durability of the pots.

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NdFeB Pots

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