Custom Precision Components for Robotics & Drone

MagWorks is at the forefront of supporting innovative robotic programs, as robotics technology becomes increasingly integral to daily life. We specialize in providing CNC machined components essential to the rapidly evolving robotics industry.

The field of robotics, including advanced applications like robotic surgery, presents unique challenges. MagWorks brings both the experience and the sophisticated equipment necessary to produce components that adhere to the rigorous standards of the robotics industry. Our facility is equipped with multi-axis CNC Screw Machines and lathes capable of performing both lathe and mill functions in a single setup. This capability allows us to efficiently produce complex parts that would typically require multiple machines, in just one operation. Additionally, our CNC Horizontal Machines and CNC 5-Axis Machines ensure the highest level of precision and accuracy for intricate parts, even in medium to high volumes.

Depending on specific project needs, we offer a comprehensive range of manufacturing services including Vertical Milling, Horizontal Milling, 3-axis turning with live tools, 7-axis Screw Machine operations, EDM, Grinding, as well as subassembly and inspection services.

Key high-tech advantages MagWorks offers to the robotics industry include:

  • Solid Model Programming for precise design replication.
  • Advanced 5-Axis Milling for complex geometrical accuracy.
  • Automated CMM Inspection for ensuring stringent quality control.

We specialize in manufacturing small, precise parts, often featuring complex geometries. Our production support extends to various types of robotic components, such as:

  • Sensors
  • Actuators
  • End Effectors, including probes and grippers
  • Drives
  • Controllers

MagWorks is committed to delivering exceptional quality and precision, catering to the dynamic needs of the robotics industry.

Robotic Component Materials

MagWorks boasts extensive experience in manufacturing a diverse array of metal and plastic materials, catering to various industry needs. Our material expertise includes:

  • Aluminum: We work with various grades including 6061-T6, 2024 Aerospace, and 7075 Series.
  • Copper Alloy: Specializing in C101 Series and OFE – Oxygen Free Copper, known for its purity and conductivity.
  • Stainless Steel: Our range includes multiple series such as 300, 303, 304, 316, 400, 440, 416, and 17-4 PH, known for their corrosion resistance and strength.
  • Brass: C360, a free machining brass grade.
  • Titanium: Focusing on Implant Grade, suitable for medical applications.
  • PEEK: A high-performance thermoplastic with excellent mechanical and chemical resistance properties.
  • Ultem (PEI): Polyetherimide, known for its high heat resistance.
  • ABS: A common thermoplastic with good mechanical properties.
  • PC – Polycarbonate: Known for its strength and impact resistance.

For detailed information on our services and the specific materials we work with, please feel free to contact us. We’re ready to assist with your manufacturing needs.

ISO 9001:2015, AS-9100, and ISO 13485 Certified for Quality Manufacturing of Precision Robotics Components.

At MagWorks Machine, we ensure the quality manufacturing of precision robotics and high-technology components through our robust quality system. No matter the application, our team of skilled engineers and dedicated operations professionals are committed to helping you succeed. With a focus on precision and excellence, MagWorks Machine is your reliable partner in advanced manufacturing.


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