SmCo Pots

Sintered Anisotropic Samarium Cobalt – Pots

Rare Earth SmCo pots and assemblies from Magworks LLC deliver superior performance, offering up to eleven times the efficiency of a Ferrite system of comparable size. These pots are ideal for specialized engineering projects where both high performance and compact size are crucial. With a maximum operating temperature of 150°C, they excel in high-temperature clamping applications and boast excellent corrosion resistance due to their higher Cobalt content.

We offer three distinct styles of SmCo pots:

  1. Style A: A simple design featuring a Samarium disc magnet in a steel cup, without any built-in fixing mechanism.

  2. Style B: Similar to Style A, but includes an externally threaded stud for straightforward fixing.

  3. Style C: A Bi-pole pot magnet with a Samarium magnet between two steel poles, all enclosed in a brass shell. The non-active face can be drilled and tapped to a specified depth. These are typically used in fixtures and jigs, designed for press-fit installations.

The standard Samarium pot magnets showcased here are just a small sample of our range. We can customize pots in various diameters, thicknesses, fixing options, and pull forces to suit your specific needs. If you require a custom SmCo pot magnet, please contact us with your specifications.

For applications requiring the maximum holding force, consider our NdFeB Pots as an alternative.

Shallow Pot – Style A

Shallow Pot – Style B

Deep Pot – Style C

Samarium Shallow Pot

Samarium Deep Pot

Please be aware of these important considerations:

  • The holding forces specified for our magnets are based on tests against a thick, clean mild steel surface. Be advised that these forces might be lower if the magnet is used on surfaces that are heavily painted or corroded.
  • It’s essential to carefully evaluate the working environment where the magnet will be used before choosing the right holding system, as different conditions can affect the magnet’s performance.

For those in need of pot magnets with the highest holding force, our NdFeB Pots are an excellent choice.

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SmCo Pots

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