Magnetic Material Testing Services – Identify and Measure Magnetic Properties

At MSS, we possess the expertise to identify and accurately measure magnetic materials, ensuring they align with existing specifications and meet performance and quality criteria. Our magnetic testing methods help uncover any issues that may arise with magnet assemblies or products, providing valuable insights for improvement.

  1. Gauss Meter & Probe: Measure Surface Gauss and Flux Densities

A gauss meter is instrumental in measuring the surface gauss of magnetized materials and flux densities within magnetic air gaps. Our gauss meter comprises a Hall Effect probe and an integrator. The integrator converts hall voltage changes, caused by magnetic fields, into direct gauss readings.

  1. Magnetic Pull Testing: Assuring Holding Force Strength

To ensure magnets or magnetic assemblies meet the required minimum holding force, we conduct pull tests prior to dispatch. Our device applies up to 200kg of load to a magnet, enabling us to maintain the highest levels of quality control.

  1. Helmholtz Coil: Measuring Magnetic Moments

Helmholtz coils serve to measure the average magnetic moment of a permanent magnet. Consisting of a pair of identical coaxial coils with a precisely double diameter compared to the distance between them, these coils generate a homogenous field. This facilitates the measurement of small magnetic dipoles with consistent sensitivity. Coupled with an integrator, the coils provide an output directly proportional to the total magnetic moment of the magnet. This comparative test offers a comprehensive measurement of the magnet’s moments compared to a single surface reading obtained from a gauss meter.

  1. Hysteresis/Force Testing: Critical Care Application Evaluation

In critical care applications, such as life support systems, we rigorously test voice coil motors to comply with strict FDA requirements. Each component undergoes 100% testing before and during the assembly process. After assembly, we accurately measure the force, hysteresis, and shaft length of the motor. Meeting the customer’s specifications within tight tolerances is essential for passing the tests.

  1. MagnaProbe: Identifying Magnetic Poles

A Magnaprobe is an invaluable tool for assembling permanent magnets when polarity is crucial. It accurately identifies the North and South seeking poles of any magnet, simplifying the assembly process.

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