Elevating the Vacuum Industry with Magnetic Expertise

The utilization of magnets in containing, controlling, and shaping plasma and particles has become a widely recognized practice. Magworks LLC takes pride in serving the vacuum industry, collaborating with numerous high-tech companies, universities, and research establishments to assist them in achieving their ambitious goals.

In the domain of sputtering Magnetrons, magnets play a pivotal role and often require specific grades of materials. These magnets benefit from precise batching and selection to optimize their unique magnetic or physical properties, ensuring consistent performance within the device. Our expertise extends to various magnetron designs, including racetrack, rotary, and circular configurations, catering to both large-scale and small-scale requirements.

Vacuum pumps, drives, torque-coupling devices, and ferromagnetic fluid seals are just a few examples of applications heavily reliant on magnets. These components empower seamless functionality and efficiency in critical systems.

In the vacuum industry, advanced projects demand specialized magnetic devices for precise tasks such as ion beam control, annealing dipoles, NMR, and other uniform or rotating field work. At Magworks LLC, we excel in assisting customers with these intricate endeavors. We offer magnets tailored to specific customer designs, leveraging our extensive network of business partners and engineering support for magnetic modeling, mapping, and expert assembly building.

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