NdFeB Blocks

Sintered Anisotropic Neodymium Iron Boron – Blocks

At Magworks LLC, we specialize in a diverse array of sintered NdFeB blocks, designed to offer versatility in both size and grade to perfectly align with your specific requirements. Our collection includes a variety of standard magnets, but we don’t stop there. Understanding that every project has its unique needs, we also provide customisation options for different sizes and grades, ensuring a perfect fit for your specific application.

Whether your project is in the prototype stage or you’re gearing up for full-scale production, Magworks LLC is equipped to meet all your magnet needs. We prioritize the longevity and quality of our products, which is why all our parts come with a protective coating, safeguarding them against corrosion.

In terms of design, our blocks typically feature the preferred magnetic axis running through their thickness, referred to as the ‘H’ direction. This orientation is chosen for its effectiveness in a wide range of applications. Trust Magworks LLC for your NdFeB block needs and experience a seamless blend of quality, customization, and reliability.

Neodymium Blocks

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NdFeB Blocks

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